This is made for you.

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You know that so often in our schools, we are all alone in our jobs without a collaborative professional community. PD sessions are often not designed for us, the weekly email from the principal is meant for the teachers, and we are spending hours trying to figure out how to do our jobs better.

Once upon a time, there were some school counselors, school psychologists, social workers, and other awesome school superheroes spending a lot of time by themselves making resources, giving advice to colleagues, consulting with school staff, and scouring the internet for the latest and greatest things to help our schools and students. Through the magic of the internet, we found ourselves reaching past our schools, and sharing this knowledge in our own online stores, on Facebook groups, and in Twitter chats. Soon we were answering questions, asking questions, and sharing with people all over the globe. One of us has even published a book (two books, actually)! We will get to our individual accolades as we get to know each other. Bragging isn’t something school counselors do.

So hit subscribe. Be Confident.