August Blog Run Down

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August Words of Wisdom for Back to School from our Favorite School Counseling Bloggers

CCC Blog-Back to School Images.004How School Counselors Get Ready for Back to School

5 Things to Do in Your First Weeks as a New CounselorRebecca, Counselor Up: 5 Things to Do in Your First Week as a New School Counselor

Heather, The Helpful Counselor: 20 Things School Counselors Should Do Before School Starts

Carol Miller, The Middle School Counselor: 10 Things to Do for Back to School

StephanieBilingual Learner: Back to School for ESL Teachers and Counselors

Counselor Traci R. Brown: Back to School Series: Must Have Items

Entirely Elementary School Counseling: Beginning School Counselor-What Your Need to Know

Don’t forget Confident Counselors Top Ten Tips for Back to School

Meet the School Counselor Lessons

School Counselor's Superpowers from Mrs. Bell the Crafty CounselorMrs. Bell, The Crafty Counselor: School Counselor’s Superpowers-Back to School Introductions

Music City School Counselor: Meet Your Counselor Lesson for Back to School

Rebecca, Counselor Up: Can You Handle It? An Intro to the School Counselor

Still on Summer Break? Here Are Some IdeasSummer Reading for School Counselors from EduKate & Inspire

Heather, The Helpful Counselor: Books for School Counselors to Read Over the Summer

Kate, EduKate & Inspire: Summer Reading for School Counselors

Counselor Traci R Brown: My Favorite Ways to Get Inspired During the Summer

The Spirited School Counselor: Summer Reading for School Counselors

Getting Your Program In Order
Zen-sational therapy mini pig
Zen-sational Mini Therapy Pig

The Counseling Teacher, Brandy Thompson: Zen-sational Mini Therapy Pigs in School

Rebecca, Counselor Up: Creating a Website for you School Counseling Program

Kate, EduKate & Inspire: Google Docs for School Counselors

Laura, Social Emotional Workshop: Scheduling Small Group Counseling in 8 Easy Steps

Scheduling Lunch Groups
Scheduling Lunch Groups

Mrs. Bell, The Crafty Counselor: 6 Creative Ways to Get Kids Talking

Rebecca, Counselor Up: Literacy Integration in Counseling Lessons

Laura, Social Emotional Workshop: 6 Ways to Build  Relationships with Teachers


August Back to School Blogs