School Counselor Summer Reading

Summer is the perfect time to get in the reading you have been meaning to do all year. What's on your school counselor summer reading list? Three Confident Counselors share what is on their lists.

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Summer Book Clubs

This summer, I’m reading Unselfie by Michele Borba, Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, and Lost and Found by Ross Greene with other school counselors in a summer book club.

I tend to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle during the year and let reading fall off my to-do list, so I’m looking forward to getting back into these books for personal and professional growth. Reading along with counselors across the globe also helps me to feel connected to the profession and reinvigorates me!


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Ally is a Verb

I’ve just finished White Folks Who Teach in the Hood and All the Rest of Y’all Too by Chris Emdin (and got to meet him in person!). It’s a great book for educators working with urban youth.

Next up, I have Dreamkeepers by Gloria Ladson Billings, #HipHopEd edited by Chris Emdin, and Lost at School by Ross Greene (from last summer’s book club, oops!). 

My goal is to add to my arsenal of tools as I work to increase my efficacy to live what I believe: Ally is A Verb, amplify the voices of marginalized students. 


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Data Ready

This summer, I am reading Hatching Results for Elementary School Counseling by Trish Hatch. I previously read Dr. Hatch’s Use of Data in School Counseling and am excited that her new book has an elementary focus.

As an Ohio school counselor, I will be evaluated with the Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System for the first time this school year. This evaluation tool focuses on student growth measures, so embedding more ways to collect data in my program will be essential. 

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I'm an Elementary School Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor from Ohio. I love creating hands-on lessons that both educate and inspire children.

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What's on your school counselor summer reading list?

school counselor summer reading list. What are you reading this summer as a school counselor? Books we don't have time to read during the school year are perfect for by the book. Check out Lost in School, Hatchings Results, Unselfie, Ally is a Verb, and Braving the Wilderness.