Be Where Your Feet Are! Book Review

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Julia Cook, former school counselor and children's book author, has a new book out. This time she is giving us a useful resource to begin discussions about mindfulness in Be Where Your Feet Are. I am sure that the many school counselors across the country who have their own mini Julia Cook Book library will be adding this book to their collection.

What's Inside

The story features a relatable young boy who struggles to keep his thoughts and actions in the moment. He often winds up not putting forth his best effort, forgetting things, and missing out on time with others.

The phrase "be where your feet are" gives a concrete way for students to understand the concept of being present. The boy learns that if he keeps his thoughts where his feet are, he is more likely to be successful.

Julia Cook Be Where Your Feet Are

Counseling Ideas

As with most Julia Cook books, the child's thoughts are put front and center. This gives a lot of opportunity to stop and discuss in small groups and individual counseling. The book provides different ways students can be where their feet are, such as breaking up tasks and mindful moments.

The book also provides helpful ways educators and parents can incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives with children. This would be great to share with parents and teachers who are beginning to use mindful practices. 

be where your feet are book review

A couple other ideas:

  • Ask them to predict what will happen if the character is thinking about one thing while doing the other.
  • Get a template for feet or shoes. Have students write down strategies for being where their feet are.
  • Do a brain dump. Have them write down all the things they are taking up time and space in their brain. Then create a simple list and plan for when they will focus and complete each.
  • Incorporate mindfulness exercises at the beginning of sessions to help these concepts come off of the page and into practice.

Visit the site and grab your own copy for your counseling library!

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This book was sent by the publisher to be reviewed.

be where your feet are julia cook book review