What do you do for back to school night?

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What do you do for back to school night or open house at your school? Do you give a presentation, visit classrooms, setup a table or booth? This is a great opportunity to provide parents with information, be a familiar face, and advocate for your role. 

Presentation & Table

For Back to School Night, I present my counseling program to parents through a Powerpoint. After the presentation, I set up a Counselor Corner in a prominent area with a round table and my Counselor Corner sign. Then I just park myself there with various handouts and info packets about our counseling program. This gives parents/guardians an opportunity to come by, chat with me, and pick up our counseling program literature through the night.

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Photobooth Connection

I create a photobooth in our main hallway for our back to school night.  It allows me to easily connect with families in a fun and engaging way. I use colorful butcher paper from our art teacher to create a backdrop on the wall.

Next, I put a table by the backdrop and fill it with props for the photobooth. I also keep a supply of my Meet the Counselor brochures on the table in case families would like additional information about our counseling program.  

I stand by the photobooth and chat with families while they take photos. I try to snap photos with my cell phone and use these on our social media and Class Dojo accounts.

I upload all of the photos I take that evening and have them printed at an inexpensive print shop like Meijer or Wal-Mart. I keep the backdrop up and stick all of the printed photos onto the backdrop. After a few weeks, I take down the photos and pass them back to each family. The photobooth is an easy way to positively engage with families! 

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What do you do for back to school night? Comment below.

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As a school counselor what do you do for back to school night? Do you give a presentation about your school counseling program, set up a booth where parents can ask questions about the roles of a school counselor?