What are your go-to books in your school counselor library?

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Do you have a school counselor library? Children’s books can be so helpful to explain abstract or challenging concepts. Students connect with the characters and remember the message of the story. Check out what books Sara, Kate, and Ashley can’t live without.

Trudy and Feelings

I absolutely have to have Trudy Ludwig books on my shelves; I use them every year in class lessons and small groups. Just Kidding, Trouble Talk, The Invisible Boy, and Sorry! are must haves. 

It’s also crucial for me to have some books for helping students with emotional identification and expression. The Way I Feel, In My Heart, and Cornelia Maude Spelman’s series are my favorites for that. 

And if I could only pick 3 more? Anh’s Anger, Teamwork Isn’t My Thing, and The Bad Seed would round out my list.

Sara, The Responsive Counselor

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Cook and Counseling

I love all things Julia Cook. She writes it, I buy it. My top five absolute must haves from Julia Cook are Tease Monster, Bully Beans, Lying up a Storm, My Mouth is  a Volcano, Ricky Sticky Fingers and Soda Pop Head. Table Talk and Hygiene…You Stink! are very useful when having difficult conversations about self care, manners and hygiene. 

Another book that I adore is What Should Danny Do?. It is an amazing “choose your own path” type of book that gets students thinking about decisions and different consequences. 

A few other books that I use often and cannot run my counseling program without are Nerdy Birdy Tweets, Tomorrow I’ll be Brave, Enemy Pie and The Color Monster.

Ashley, Mrs. Bell The Crafty Counselor

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Books that Spark Conversation

My favorite books in my counseling library are books that spark great conversations when read aloud. I love books that have a strong message for kids. My favorite conversation sparkers are A Bike Like Sergio’s, Each Kindness, Say Something, Bernice Gets Carried Away, and One. Each of these books delivers a message in a way that challenges students to think differently. If you are building your counseling library, check out this blog post where I explain how I organize my library and download my FREE library labels

Kate, EduKate & Inspire

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What books are on your shelf? 

Share your favorites below!

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What is in your school counselor library? Do you have favorite books that help you explain social emotional concepts easily? Check out what three Confident Counselors can't live without.