3 School Counseling Communities You Should Be Following On Social Media

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Have you noticed an increase in your screen time? With our new reality, we are more reliant on virtual resources than ever. Here are 3 online communities for school counselors you should be following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter right now.

1. Your State School Counseling Organization

These organizations are local affiliated charters of ASCA (The American School Counselor Association).

3 Groups To Follow On Social Media


They are wonderful because they are run by leaders in your state. This means they understand local and state policies and help advocate for state legislation for school counselors (think the use of time and ratios!). They also offer opportunities for you to connect with your local peers.

Statewide organizations are a great way for you to get involved in leadership opportunities outside your school building. For example, I am currently the Chair of the Board for the Tennessee School Counselor Association (TSCA). This means I get to attend a Leadership Institute before the annual ASCA conference every year.

What is so cool about that? Leadership training provides you up to date or often breaking information. For example, last year we got a sneak peek of the new national model before anyone else.

Your local organization also helps provide statewide conferences, networking opportunities (perfect if you are looking for a new job), and comradery. I have met some of my nearest and dearest counseling buddies through TSCA.

2. Your Area of Interest

Facebook has a variety of specialty groups that might pique your interest. Did you set a goal for RAMP next year? Join On The Road To Ramp. Do you want to expand your individual counseling techniques with a solution-focused background? Join Solution Focused School Counseling.

3 Groups To Follow On Social Media


Facebook has so many groups it can be overwhelming. By following an area of high interest, you will be following a online community of like-minded counselors that post relevant resources.

It’s also a fun way to learn about something new. Have you been interested in learning more about play therapy? Try following Growing Roots Play Therapy  or The Playroom Lubbock for all tips and tricks related to play therapy.

You can also ask peers meaningful questions. Looking for help with behavior in your building?  The Behavior Intervention ToolBox is a great place to start.

Perhaps you just need help finding an adorable shirt for NSCW or the latest resource on TPT, The School Counselor Store has your back.

What kind of online school counseling community are you looking for?Comment below!

3. Social Workers, LCSW’s & School Psychs

School social workers and psychologists have a different, and yet sometimes similar role to school counselors. I collaborate with my school social worker and school psychologist regularly. Together we are a team of mental health knowledge in our building.

3 Groups To Follow On Social Media
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It provides a way for you to learn from other mental health professionals.

These talented mental health professionals are a wealth of resources when it comes to outside referrals, testing, SPED laws, 504’s, and so much more. Kidlutions, LSCW, for example, has a wealth of knowledge for parents, like her article Keeping a Routine When The Kids Are At Home, that would be wonderful to share out in your next newsletter.

Laura from Social Emotional Workshop is a former school psychologist and provides resources for implementing theory-based practices like short term individual counseling.

The Mindful Psychologist has wonderful resources and supports for students who have experienced trauma.

I have also found these accounts to be hilarious. On tough days I can always count on the Social Workers Break Room, School Psych After Hours,  and The Sarcastic School Psychologist  to provide a much-needed laugh.

So you found your perfect group or person to follow on social media, what’s next?

3 Groups To Follow On Social Media

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