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September 25, 2019

Suicide Prevention Apps

(Disclaimer: Apps cannot replace professional help and support for those struggling with thoughts of suicide. If you are concerned someone is in danger or at an increased risk of suicide, reach out for professional help immediately and notify the child’s parent or guardian.) The kids of today have access to thousands of apps at the […]

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5 Strategies for Testing Taking Success

Testing season can be the cause of anxiety and frustration for students and teachers alike. As school counselors, we have the unique ability to help prepare our students for test success in a multitude of ways. In addition to helping reinforce test-taking skills, we can teach students how to handle and cope with the big […]

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September 24, 2018

10 Ways to Make Small Groups Terrific

Small groups at the elementary level can be difficult. Being proactive by having a clear purpose and pre-screening members helps your small group run a little smoother. Set your small groups up for success with these 10 ways to help make your small group sessions terrific.

Facilitating fantastic small groups is one of my favorite parts of being a school counselor. Small groups offer opportunities for social growth that working one on one with a student does not afford. Often, small groups are the first time students have a safe place to heal. This is their chance to process their emotions, […]

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August 27, 2018

Create a Culture of Kindness at School

Culture of Kindness

Create a culture of kindness at school to help support student’s social, emotional and academic growth. When students are in a positive, kind, encouraging environment, they are more likely to have the confidence to try new things and take academic risks. Creating a culture of kindness will make your school a better place for both […]

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Suicide Prevention Apps

Suicide Prevention

  (Disclaimer: Apps cannot replace professional help and support. If you are concerned someone is in danger, reach out for professional help immediately and notify the child’s parent or guardian.) We have the capability to connect to anyone in an instant yet many are feeling more alone and isolated than ever. Social media can have a […]

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