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Weird! Book Series: Three Stories, Three Points of View

Weird! Book Series is a great way to address bullying in elementary schools.


A counselor friend of mine recommended the Weird! book series by Erin Frankel to me and I am so glad she did. I could go on and on and on about this series but the testimony really comes from my students.


Each month I do a book giveaway for great behavior. After reading aloud the second book in the series, one of my boys asked me if I could please buy the books for the next giveaway. Even though he only has a one in nine hundred chance of winning, he was so into them that the odds didn’t matter! And he’s not the only one. Even my most hesitant and challenging students are totally into these books.


Why? I have my theories.

First, the illustrations by Paula Heaphy are youthful yet mature.

Second, the topic is totally relevant to every student.

Third, they are so well written. Author Erin Frankel, who is also an educator, makes these books so relatable. 

Lastly, the series makes you want more. The books are easy to read, catchy, and intriguing. Like a great movie, you can’t wait for the sequel and feel sadness when the trilogy ends.

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