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January 28, 2019

7 Tips For School Counseling With ELL Students

school counseling with ELL students

While the ELL population is growing by leaps and bounds within US public schools, most school counselors don’t receive any sort of specialized training in how to work with these students or their families. School counseling with ELL students isn’t hugely different or difficult but there are certainly some tips, tricks, and best practices that […]

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Cooperative Learning Activities in School Counseling Lessons

cooperative learning activities for school counseling

I’m always excited about new fun school counseling activities that don’t involve worksheets and this post is all about my favorites! When I’m planning for my school counseling lessons, there are five things I keep in mind: Name the objective, Skip the worksheet, Chunk it into segments, Include partner or group work, Incorporate movement. This sounds like a lot, […]

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