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Guest Posting

We would love to you collaborate with us. We are open to professionals that have expertise and valuable information to provide school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers.

Why Guest Post with Us

  • We are a collaborative network of school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers who love to share and promote each other’s work.
  • We share posts on our social media channels.
  • We consider guest bloggers for more permanent contributor roles on the site.


Who Reads This Anyway?

Our audience is mostly school-based professionals looking for anything that makes their counseling lives easier. While I may love a post on common core or field day, our audience is looking for activities for Bullying Awareness month, ways to organize their ever-changing schedules, or how to handle the never-ending middle school drama.


Love or Hate ‘Em, We Got Rules

We edit guest posts lightly to make sure it is easy to read and searchable. We want people to find your awesome post and read all of it. 🙂
There are a few guidelines that make for a successful post on our site.
  • We try to live up to our name so our posts have a confident tone. We are confident in our expertise and the unique skills we have in a school. We have also been in our readers’ shoes, so our confidence comes with a hefty dose of humility and kindness. All our posts are shooting for this balance.
  • Posts must be useful to school mental health staff in PreK-12. This includes not only digestible strategies, but ensuring that those strategies are evidence-based.
  • Posts cannot be just selling a product or service. You are welcome to mention or link to a resource if it is relevant to your topic, but our readers should be able to gain value from your post without having to buy something.
  • We love freebies! If you want to link to a freebie on Teacherspayteachers or on Google Drive, that is always welcome.
  • Word Count between 700-1500 words is ideal.
  • Your post must be written for Confident Counselors and not published elsewhere.
  • There are 3 photos that must be included (FB, Pinterest, and a Feature Image), and additional in action photos, as relevant, is great. All photos must be acquired with all the necessary commercial use licenses (i.e., a stock photo site versus saving from Google Images. Big no no).


Suggested Topics

(the list is endless tho)

  • Growth Mindset in Counseling
  • Strategies to support students with anxiety (eg., test anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety)
  • Helping students with a recent loss
  • Running divorce groups in middle school
  • Self-control strategies for younger students
  • Executive function strategies and organizational hacks for middle schoolers
  • Supporting students in exploring career paths
  • Incorporating self-regulation in individual counseling
  • Like we said, the list is endless …


Come On, Submit the Form.

Be Confident.