Impact Inspector Lap Book and Lesson for Empathy and Perspective Taking


This Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) resource for perspective taking and empathy is perfect for individual counseling and small group counseling lessons with elementary students. Work on helping students understand the impact of their actions, the perspective of others, and choices they can make for a positive impact with engaging lessons, a lapbook, crafts, picture cards, behavior charts, and completion certificates.

This resource is for school counselors, school psychologists, and special education teachers. This will fit in perfectly into individual or group sessions with students who struggle with perspective taking and understanding the impact of their actions. Ideas for differentiation are included as well as multiple activity options.

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❤ Impact Inspector Poster in Color and Black and White
❤ Lesson Plan 1: How actions have an impact on others.
❤ Vocabulary Cards
❤ What’s the Impact Picture Scenarios
❤ 8 Scenario Cards
❤ Activity Tokens
❤ Case File Worksheets with Answer Keys
❤ Lesson Plan 2: How changing actions changes the impact.
❤ What If Maps
❤ Picture Scenario Cards and Possible Scenarios
❤ Impact Inspector Task Cards
❤ Impact Inspector Lapbook with inserts
❤ Magnifying Glass Craft
❤ Certificate of Completion
❤ Behavior Charts
❤ Impact Inspector Consequence Map


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