About Us

Being a school counselor can be a lonely job sometimes.

PD days were not created with you in mind. There is no grade team to plan with after school. Instead, your schedule gets taken over by random duties and a Friday afternoon crisis.

We know it well.

This site was created because we want every school counselor to feel confident. 

We are here to share our ideas and experience so you can confidently

  • help your students,
  • advocate for your counseling program,
  • and take care of yourself.

You're in good company

In 2016, I started Confident Counselors as a monthly round-up of resources. A group of 20+ counselors, who I met in Facebook groups, would send me a couple links and some tips on a topic.

This job demands expertise and creativity. I wanted to build a place counselors could come find valuable ideas from an experience community. 

When you visit the site today, you will find hundreds of posts from counselors all over the country. They are sharing their experience and ideas so you don't have to start from scratch. I hope you find what you need to feel prepared, supported, and confident.

Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a school psychologist who left her office (closet?) and got busy turning a decade of experience into ready to use counseling resources and trainings. 

I live in New York City with my adventurous husband and relaxed to the max daughter who’ve grown to appreciate my love of a good checklist.


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