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Tips from Confident Counselors

How do you get parent buy-in for counseling services?

Confident Counselors

Parent buy-in for counseling services can be challenging in many communities. Some parents comes with preconceived ideas about counseling and what school counselors do. Our roles and the mental health field are constantly changing and

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Counseling Activities

Use What's In Your Office

School Counselor Prep

Getting Ready for Back to School

Once we have forgotten how great sleeping in feels, we definitely believe this is the best READ MORE

When school counselors start the year, a lot of misconceptions can exist about their role. READ MORE


Hi, I'm Laura

This job demands expertise and creativity. I wanted to build a place counselors could come find valuable ideas from an experienced community.

In 2016, I started Confident Counselors as a monthly round-up of resources. A group of 20+ counselors, who I met in Facebook groups, would send me a couple links and some tips on a topic.

When you visit the site today, you will find hundreds of posts from counselors all over the country. They are sharing their experience and ideas so you don't have to start from scratch. I hope you find what you need to feel prepared, supported, and confident.

Confident Counselors

School counselors, social workers, and psychologists sharing their ideas and expertise.

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