Beating (Holiday) Stress and Burnout

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Holiday Stress and Burnout

Beating Stress During the Holidays and After

Our positions can be challenging and stressful. It is important during this hectic time of year to be mindful of your stress. Check out tips from some veterans on how they manage and take care of themselves.

Bilingual LearnerIt is so important to exercise clear and professional boundaries, especially during the holidays when kid issues are rampant and students need extra attention from us.  Most school counselors have ratios way over the recommended average (1:250), so it is crucial to know your job duties, to stay within the boundaries of those duties, and to strengthen your professional skills in deflecting non-counseling duties outside those boundaries. Knowing your job role and staying in your lane works wonders to minimize burnout, especially during the busy and stressful holiday season! – Bilingual Learner

The Unstressables Stress Management Group Counseling Guide 

School Counseling is Magical1) Spend time with friends and family over the holidays–try to avoid taking work home, 2) Shop online, 3) Try to get some rest over the break–avoid filling up your schedule, 4) Make a priority list and check off things as they are completed, 5) Take time for yourself–take yourself out to lunch, join a yoga class, get a manicure or pedicure, go for a walk in the park, 6) Learn to say No–if it is going to add more stress, sometimes you just have to politely say no. – School Counseling is Magical

More Tips from Psychology Today

Counselor UpCreate a ‘back up team’ of helpful parents. Ask parents to sign up to receive emails when the student services department becomes aware of a need for students. This back up team can be a lifesaver when you’re in a time crunch. – Counselor Up

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Social Emotional Workshop on TPTTake care of yourself personally. Spend time with people who know you and who are outside of work. It is important to separate from the negativity swirl that can go around difficult students, challenging administrations, or demanding parents. Take care of yourself professionally. Schedule yourself for a conference. They are energizing and filled with other professionals. Don’t be afraid to consider a change. A new district, a new school, or a new position. Take care of yourself personally and professionally. – Social Emotional Workshop

EduKate & InspireDuring the holiday weeks, a little pick-me-up goes a long way for staff members!  Add a “survival basket” to your teacher’s lounge and fill it with some teaching essentials.  Think of some hot commodities for your lounge like plastic silverware, K-cups, chocolate, little hand sanitizers, hand lotion, and flavored tea.  Place some funny memes around the lounge for a laugh.  You can even add a silly Christmas Countdown to help your staff count down the days until break! – Kate from EduKate & Inspire

Counselor KeriSchedule dedicated time for self-care. It tends to be the last thing on the list when we have students in crisis or in need, especially around the holidays. Even if your self-care activity is only 5 minutes each day, it’s an important 5 minutes to allow yourself. – Counselor Keri

Mrs. Bell The Crafty CounselorTake time to do something that you love and do not feel bad about it. Make time to go for a walk to clear your mind, take that long hot bubble bath, get a massage; do something for yourself that calms your mind and makes you smile. – Mrs. Bell, The Crafty Counselor

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