Guest Posting

We love to work with professionals that have expertise and valuable information to provide to school counselors, social workers, and psychologists.

Why Write a Post for Confident Counselors

  • The site gets 30k unique users each month looking for quality school counseling ideas.
  • We share posts and your related resources on our social media channels and with our email list.
  • Every year, we host virtual professional development events for school counselors. We love when a contributor joins us as a presenter!

Who Reads Confident Counselors

Our audience is mostly school-based mental health professionals looking for anything that makes their jobs easier. Our readers are looking for straight-forward activities, organization hacks, support dealing with tough situations, and more.

What We Are Looking For

We want school counselors to feel confident in their expertise and unique skills. This is a tough job so posts should come with hefty dose of humility and kindness. We love to see posts that empower counselors and help them feel understood.

Posts must be useful to school mental health staff. This includes not only digestible strategies, but ensuring that those strategies are based in best practices and current research.

Our audience is primarily elementary and middle school, but we are always looking for great high school counseling content. 

Our readers should be able to gain value from your post without having to buy something. You are welcome to mention or link to up to 2 resources, if it is relevant to your topic.

What You Will Do

  • Submit a proofread post that is about 700-1500 words on a topic that is relevant to school counselors.
  • Publish your post exclusively on Confident Counselors.
  • Include 2-3 photos that you want to appear in the post.
  • Share your post with your audience, if applicable.

Possible Topics

The list is endless and the best topic is what you know.

  • Growth mindset in counseling
  • Strategies to support students with anxiety (eg., test anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety)
  • Helping students with a recent loss
  • Running divorce groups in middle school
  • Self-control strategies for younger students
  • Executive function strategies and organizational hacks for middle schoolers
  • Supporting students in exploring career paths
  • Incorporating self-regulation in individual counseling
  • 5 ways to use (common supply) in counseling

What We Will Do

We want to make sure school counselors read your content. This is not a post it and forget it situation.

We will handle:

  • Uploading, editing, and publishing your post on the site.
  • Creating social media images.
  • Telling our email list and social media followers all about your post.
  • Promoting two resources relevant to school counselors on our social media channels.


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