5 Ways to Use Tissue Boxes in School Counseling

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Mental Fills on TPTInspired by reading 
Counselor Keri’s “Five Ways To Use Coffee Filters In School Counseling,” I excitedly went through my resources and office supplies to create and share 5 ways counselors can use tissue boxes in counseling. The recycled tissue boxes below can be used both as craft projects and/or therapeutic tools in groups and individual sessions.

Self-Esteem Magazine Collage Box

Students can create a place to store affirmations, therapeutic letters, awards, and mementos that help influence one’s sense of pride. It also serves as a nice decoration piece for your desk. This activity will take several sessions to finish but is well worth the time prompting discussion on building self-worth.        

Self Esteem Collage BoxSUPPLIES

1 empty tissue box

Magazine cut outs 


Mod podge glue

Optional: Paint brush

Shortcut – Magazine Word Cut Outs for Self-Esteem Collages: Starter Kit

The Tear Collector Box

An adorable addition to your office to help “collect” children’s tears. Simply glue eyeballs on top of a tissue box, and share the story of the tear collector’s purpose to magically take away the pain in exchange for one’s tears. For extra fun, create a second tear collector using an empty tissue box to store tear filled tissues.

Tear Collector Tissue BoxSUPPLIES

1 full tissue box

Googly eyes



Optional: Beads, 1 empty tissue box


The Game Box

Perfect place to store dice, tokens, game pieces, or task cards. Decorate the outside of the tissue box with spinners, dice dots, or ice breaker questions to use as a portable tool for therapeutic games.


1 empty tissue box


Spinners from Dollar Tree/Dollar Store or similar

Optional: Printed out dice dot images or questions for each side of the tissue box. (Empty inside for this play)

The Wish Box

This tissue box transforms to accept children’s dreams and wishes. This is a fun way for children to express emotions and improve their hope. Periodically collect wishes and revisit later in the year to see what wishes came true.


1 empty tissue box

Sticky notes or index cards

Pencils or crayons

Decorating crafts (i.e. beads, coins, stickers, wrapping paper, glitter)

Glue and scissors

The Mindfulness Box 

Work with children to create a space to calm their minds. Turn the tissue box on its side and fill it with crafts that appeal to the senses. Glue a calming image on the inner side of the box, and place some rocks, puffy balls, or sand inside. Once decorated, use the box to practice being mindful.


1 empty tissue box


Puffy balls

Calming picture

Decorating crafts

Optional: mini chimes

What nontraditional supplies are you using in your counseling program? Let us know what other supplies we should be saving!