February 9, 2018

What Kindness Activities Are You Incorporating This Month?

How do you incorporate kindness activities in february for Random Acts of Kindness Week?

February is a great time to incorporate kindness activities with Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week.


Do you focus on kindness this month? What do you have planned?



The Sunny Sunshine Student Support StoreValentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! One of the ways I incorporate love and kindness is with The Kindness Counts Challenge resource available in my store.


This resource is perfect for promoting students to be kind during the month of February or really any time of the year. It includes two options allowing students to complete random acts of kindness and create a cute bulletin board to promote the acts of kindness completed. Students love working together to see how many acts of kindness can be completed during the month.


To continue with the love theme, I partner with the ELA department to help encourage students to read outside of their school day. To do this, I create Valentine’s Day bookmarks for my students and pass them out as their Valentines.

– The Sunny Sunshine Student Support Store



We celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week in February. Each year, we do something a little bit different.


We post positive messages on student lockers and desks. We post challenge sheets with tear-off strips in the restrooms and hallways with suggestions for random acts of kindness that could easily be completed at the school for a fellow classmate or teacher. Students take one and promise to do that act.


Some years, we send around a shout-outs binder for faculty and staff to pass thank you notes to each other.  It’s always so much fun to read the binder full of sweet notes from teacher to teacher.

– The Counseling Teacher Brandy Thompson


More Kindness Ideas

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