January Product Finds

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January Product Finds

Product Finds for January. Click any image to see the product. Happy New Year!

Kids Helping OthersKids Helping Others: A Service Club Starter Kit from School Counseling Files. Are you looking for a way to help students develop a sense of responsibility and the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes? To turn them into active problem-solvers? Try starting a service learning club in your school!

Growth Mindset Winter Boardgame

Bear with it! A Winter Growth Mindset Game from CounselorChelsey. This board game to help students learn about having a growth mindset. Covering the following topics: What is growth mindset, how growth mindset affects me, growth mindset strategies, and re-phrasing negative talk.

Complimittens activity for complimentsCompli-Mittens Activity and Bulletin Board from Social Emotional Workshop. Winter themed activity where students exchange compliments written on mittens. Helps elementary school students practice giving and receiving compliments. 

SMART Goals: New Years Resolutions

SMART Goals: New Year’s Resolutions from Counselor Keri. This classroom guidance lesson is perfect for back to school or refreshing and refocusing after the holidays!


Goal Setting in 2017Ring in 2017 with Goal Setting from School Counseling is Magical. The beginning of a new calendar year is a great time to teach students how to set and achieve goals. This activity packet will surely help your students begin thinking about some of their goals for the upcoming year and give them a set of tools to help them successfully reach their goals.

Goal Setting Banner

Goal Setting Banner from The Counseling Teacher. Need a fun, relaxing activity to promote goal setting and New Year’s resolutions? This calming coloring activity allows students to color away stress while also creating attainable goals for the new year.


Goal Setting For Success

The Goal Setting For Success Flipbook from Carol Miller, The Middle School Counselor. A great way for students to learn and practice setting SMART Goals and practicing positive mindset. Inside students will learn the importance of goal setting, how having a positive mindset can help you achieve your goals and get you back on track when you face hurdles, understand how our values can influence out goals, and what a SMART goal is and how to write one.

Goal Mountain: Goal Setting and Self-Discipline

Goal Mountain Game: Self Discipline and Goal Setting from Counselor UpHike up goal mountain! Choose a goal and then decide if each card works toward the goal (move forward) or away from the goal (stay in place). Reach the top of goal mountain and achieve your dreams!

Zen Coloring To Do ListZen Coloring To Do Lists: A Secret Behavior Intervention from The Sunny Sunshine Student Support Store. These Zen Coloring To Do Lists are a SECRET behavior intervention. We know the benefits of coloring to help reduce stress, promote a feeling of calm and to aid in creating mental clarity. However, some of our students are resistant to this, claiming coloring is for “kids.” However, these same students are often the ones who love to help.

Health Coping Skills BilingualHealth Coping Skills (Habilidades Saludables de Afrontamiento) Bilingual from Stephanie Lerner – Bilingual Learner. This bilingual resource includes various coping skills that Spanish-speaking students can use when they are feeling bad. The directions to the counselor are provided in English; only the student materials are in Spanish.

What are your favorite resources right now?