Confident Counselors’ Resolutions

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Confident Counselors' ResolutionsThere is something magical about the way a new year can feel like a clean slate. In schools, we are pretty lucky because we get this clean slate twice a year. As we head back to school this week, we are working on resolutions, not just our students, but for ourselves. What are your personal and professional resolutions for the new year?

Personal Goals: This new year, I am going to …

Improve my self-care… a never-ending goal! – Kate from EduKate & Inspire

Read 130 books in 2017. – Counselor Up

Set clear work hours so I can make time to enjoy the city I live in and learn to draw. – Laura, Social Emotional Workshop

Practice contentment.- Counselor Keri

Be more organized at school and at home. I will be more mindful about using my planner to write down short and long term goals. “If you don’t plan your day, somebody else will do it for you!” – Brandy Thompson, The Counseling Teacher

Professional Goals: This new year, I am going to …

Lead by example, rather than with words. – Stephanie Lerner – Bilingual Learner

Stick to an organization system. – Counselor Keri

Spend more time reading about evidence based practices from the field. – CounselorChelsey

Collect data daily on how my time is spent at school so that I can “work smarter, not harder” and develop a more efficient way to deliver services in my building next year. – Laurie Mendoza/School Counseling Files

Work on curriculum mapping. I have always been a whole-to-part thinker, which impacts my school-wide programming. I would like to take all of my classroom lessons and school-wide programming and link them to the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors to see where I can improve my programming. – Kate from EduKate & Inspire

What are you working on?

Confident Counselors New Years Resolutions