December 8, 2017

What is your go to Self Care Activity?

You know you should be incorporating self-care. You know you can’t pour from an empty cup. Sometimes it just takes hearing from others who get it. So Confident Counselors, what is your go to self care activity?

Counselor KeriMy two favorite self care activities are baking and napping. I love to bake for a couple of reasons. I am a hands-on person, so using my hands to make something is really gratifying for me. I also love that I can make a large batch of something that I can then share with a neighbor or coworker to build relationships.


Napping is so restorative for me too; I tend to let sleep suffer when I have a lot on my plate and am always reminded of the healing powers of sleep!

– Keri from Counselor Keri

The Sunny Sunshine Student Support StoreSelf-care is something that I need to work on. As many of us do, I often put other’s needs before my own. Things I do to relax vary from writing to getting a manicure to baking or taking photographs of nature.


Paying it forward has also become a mode of self-care for me. A few times a year, when I treat myself to a purchase at Starbucks, I like to buy an extra something for the person behind me. Not only am I treating myself, but someone else too.

– The Sunny Sunshine Student Support Store

EduKate & InspireCounseling is a very analytic profession–between the communication, listening, and problem solving, our minds often need a break from thinking! One of my favorite self-care activities is painting because it allows my mind to think creatively. I love using watercolor or acrylic paint to create abstract designs or florals.


Another great escape that I have recently found is Pure Barre. It’s a combination of ballet and pilates that is super challenging and allows my mind to focus on small, isometric movements to shape my body. Wondering how you can make more time in your life for self-care?  Read my post about prioritizing your day to make more time for self-care.  

– Kate from EduKate and Inspire

Mrs. Bell The Crafty CounselorMy favorite self-care activity is a long hot bubble bath. I wrap up what I need to do for the day, put the baby to bed and start to fill the tub. I like to make myself a bowl of strawberries to snack on, climb in the tub and let the water wash my worries away. It is so calming to me and allows me private time to think and create a plan of action for the following days.


In addition to baths, I love to go to the gym after a long hard day. I like to lift heavy weights and leave all my stresses in the gym when I leave. I love the gym, but I have to admit that baths are definitely more fun.

– Mrs. Bell The Crafty Counselor

I really enjoy being outside with my animals. Nature is one of the easiest ways to recharge. We often take for granted the powerful benefits of the great outdoors and our furry friends. Research shows that pets play an important role in lowering stress levels. Additionally, vitamin D from the sun is essential for physical and mental health. I try to leave my phone in the house so that I’m not tempted to check my notifications. It’s essential to unplug from social media for a period of time each day. If you aren’t able to go outside that often, you can open the curtains, put down the phone, pet your fur babies and look outside more!  

– The Counseling Teacher, Brandy


What are your favorite self care activities?


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