Organization Tips for a Testing Coordinator

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It’s important to be organized as a testing coordinator.

When I was a high school counselor, I was in charge of AP testing, PSATs and PLAN tests and I also was a testing coordinator for ACTs. Now, I coordinate our State ELA and Math testing.

I found the best way was to keep all files labeled on my computer so that I could make sure I could find them easily from year to year. This includes class lists, accommodations, resources needed in the testing room, signs, posters, etc. Before the testing, I package all testing materials in clear boxes for each teacher using my testing organization pack.  

Each box is labeled with the proctor’s name, grade, and subject.

For our state testing, I color code grade levels for easy sorting.

Inside each box, I pack pencils, tissues, a door sign, class list, proctor responsibilities checklist, and a what to do when you return your box checklist.

In addition, I keep a page of notes from last year of things that went well, and things I need to fix for next year.

The thing to remember with being a testing coordinator is that no matter how much you plan and prep, there is always something unexpected that will pop up and each year will get easier.

– Carol Miller – The Middle School Counselor


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